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A transplant from Montreal, Canada, now living in the Hollywood Hills of Southern California, E. WainDecker has tapped into her diversified background as former owner of Erika Wain Talent Agency, Patt-Wain Designer Graphics and as an exhibiting painter on the international circuit. She currently co-partners a commercial beekeeping company, Klausesbees LLC.

These experiences have fueled her character driven plot lines with books ranging from a non-fiction Beekeeper’s personal Diary to the fictional world of Young Adult Teen Adventure (a series) and Coming of Age market, the Adult genre, Contemporary Gothic, and a book of street Poetry. E. WainDecker is an alumnae of UCLA.



All of E. WainDecker books are available for purchase in paperback for only $8.00 each, at three Southern California Farmer Markets. Come and meet the writer in person and get a personally signed edition.

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Location: Look for the Klausesbees tent.
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The Occupational Tourist


This is the story of Clovis Marshall, a man who lived through the best and the worst of our times - a philanthropist and innovator - a candy store man, who dabbled on the side with anchovies and robotics, but whose main goal was to bring back a piece of history to the concrete forest now known as the island of Manhattan - New York 1920's from Burlesque, Chinese Tongs, and the Jewish Mafia, to Castro’s Cuba of the 60’s and the CIA Dulles men in black to the heralding in of a new century ~ life through the ages ~ something to have survived.

Available now in Paperback: $10.99

QUOTE: "I always enjoy Erika WainDecker's books and The Occupational Tourist is no exception. The cover of the book is a great representation of the book, not to mention that a cover that good has to have an equally good book inside it. The life of the protagonist, Clovis Marshall, is both thought-provoking and insightful, delivered in a fascinating historical context. The book has a very nice and easy pace about it, and is a good solid read. I really enjoyed it.!"
- - Amazon Customer

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Boots and Pearls


A racy, candid and informative diary into the world of beekeeping and the beekeepers. A widowed city gal in her late fifties meets a divorced Swiss beekeeper in his early sixties via the internet and takes on a new life.

BOOTS AND PEARLS is a story of growth, self re-invention and examination; of bees and sex, partnership and business. It is Beekeeping #101 through a "hands on" approach. A candid Diary of day to day life in and out of the fields and bed-sheets with the city gal turned beekeep. And face it, as one of my readers said "thrilling and informative –parallel stories – and who doesn’t like to read a very candid, personal, sexy diary?"

Available now in Paperback: $10.50 or Kindle: $7.99

QUOTE: "I can't put your book down, can't sleep on the train going home, 'cause of your life in 'Pearls and Boots'. Looking forward to reading your other books."
- VicTor

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Frankie and Friends©

A series of adventure fiction books written by E. WainDecker and designed for the Young Adult Market. Roald Dahl style - The books chronicle the adventures and intrigues of young twelve year old, Frankie Franks and her two friends, Rukimo Koh and Alastair Jade, who attend Nutfield Academy, a private boarding school located in England, near Cornwall, the land of Torchwood and King Arthur. They are accompanied by Frankie’s aunt, Edith Toppings, an international journalist and legal guardian, to places of adventure and mystery every Spring, Fall, Winter and ‘any occasion’ school Break.

"These series are educational - particularly regarding the settings - an entertaining way for YA to learn geography and history" - Nick Lombardi, writer

Voodoo Whispers


Frankie & Friends / Book One - Takes the young trio and guardian to the city of New Orleans – the land of voodoo New Orleans style – where found treasure leads them through the streets of New Orleans and into the snake filled swamps of the Cajun Bayou. Is it the clues of the rhyming man, Robin Spell, or the voodoo whispers of High Priestess Marie Laveau that bring them to LA PLACE DE CONGO and danger?

Available now in Paperback: $7.99 or Kindle: $5.99

Subject: VooDoo Whispers is AWESOME!

"Hi, Im Jonny and Im 11 years old, I really really like this book because of its narrating and storytelling, Its amazing! I also really like this book because its cheap when you buy it on the Kindle, and thats a big plus! I just cant stop thinking about how amazing the book is, I read it like... 5 times now (Plus the other Frankie and Friends) because of how awesome the storytelling is......."
- J Castillo

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Double Density - Child of the Mist


Frankie & Friends / Book Two - Brings the trio and guardian to Scotland in search of an old friend who has mysteriously vanished on the craggy, misty Moors. Has Eglantine Fattler disappeared because of the Wrath of the Druids or is it Time Travel or has she simply lost her way? Is it the Third Night’s call and the bluish mist, the flashing lights and the screeching sounds that have brought our searchers out to the moors, on that cold, wet night? Will Eglantine be found or remain lost forever?

Available now in Paperback: $7.99 or Kindle: $5.99

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Twisted Lives Wicked Lies


Who would have thought that finding an old journal in the garden shed would lead Emily and Harry Harcort, a young married couple, to re-examine their relationship, their marriage and the meaning of family by opening Pandora’s Box.

This Contemporary Gothic delves mother-daughter/brother-sister interactions~ It is a story of broken trust, revenge, murder, love, and ultimate renewal and hope. The setting is Murray Bay, 25 minutes from Quebec City, along the water; an old money resort town and artists’ haven, lush with vineyards and farmlands.

Available now in Paperback: $10.50 or Kindle: $7.99

QUOTE: " have to say that this is definitely one of the better indie books I've read lately, and I read a lot of indie books. The book flows well. The characters are interesting. It's sexual without being too over the top. And the twists and turns are unexpected and take your breath away. Not to mention the food descriptions will leave you hankering for more!"
- LitChick

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Shadow People

SHADOW PEOPLE - a Book of Poems and Doodles©

This is a book of street poetry and doodles by E.WainDecker. It is a study on the human condition. An observation, at times raw and on the edge always tempered with an understanding of both the circumstance of cause and effect – We come into Life with wonderment and anticipation – Our CIRCUMSTANCES give us the TOOLS - Our CHOICES define our LIVES.

Available now in Paperback: $7.85 or Kindle: $5.99

Subject: 5.0 out of 5 stars - Poetry that touches the heart

" Shadow People is a compilation of deeply Richland touching prose. My favorite poem is l'esprit. This poem moves like day moves to night. It reminds me of the sway of a weeping willow in the darken sky. I look for poems and stories with a bit of a dark side and yet open to deep thought. I found this in these poems and in how the writer established the settings. Moving, reachable and memorable!!!!! If you're looking for poetic stories, this is the book to read. This book will lay on your bedside table begging to be picked up now and again, read and re-read."
- Sandra

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Shadow People


A TIME FOR GRACE© ~ An Adult Mystery Thriller. A tale of lust, crime, murder, relationships. Divorce can often lead one to do extraordinary things. It has a way of awakening one’s full potential, opening the space between simply being there and taking charge; of redefining one’s life – discovering new found emotions, and enacting on basic sexual desires. A story with little boundaries. A tale of openness and little contrition. A TIME FOR GRACE entices with "sexy locations, sexy characters, and mouthwatering gourmet foods as it takes the reader on a James Bond meets Agatha Christie trek, each story plot begging to be found out as to who did what to whom" , as one reader reviewed. Challenging crimes, interesting characters mixed with plenty of sex ~ makes for a great read.

Available now in Paperback: $10.50 or Kindle: $7.99

Subject: Puts the thrill back in thriller!

"E. WainDecker's thriller, A Time for Grace, has more twists and turns than a Swiss Alps mountain road, with each story plot begging you to find out who did what to whom and why? She expertly maneuvers the reader through sexy locations and sexier characters with a kind of James Bond meets Agatha Christie flare. I really enjoyed the challenge of figuring out what motivated a character to behave or misbehave the way they did. And the food descriptions are mouthwatering. I would highly recommend it as a stocking stuffer for an armchair traveler who enjoys the good life, gourmet food and a challenging crime or two."
- L Gresty

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Tick Tock


An adult mystery thriller..

Sex, Murder, and Exotic places combine with Nazi treasure, Winery and Internet fraud. The characters from A TIME FOR GRACE continue to explore their relationships, redefining themselves. A story with few boundries. A tale of openness and little contrition. The ride continues with sexy locations, sexy characters, and mouthwatering gourmet food topped off by challenging crimes and interesting characters.

Available now in Paperback: $10.50

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The Man Froom Yorkshire


A factual Canadian/World history spun into an intriguing fictionalized narrative novella exploring one man’s life from the late 1890’s to present; steeped in politico-industrial espionage. What are fables but stories based on truths, all relative to Time and Space, elusive and yet, to quote my readers:
    - “A historical setting told in perfect tone.”
    -“It is an intriguing book! … really about the never-ending and changing relationships of lives and events. A good read!”
    -“Take an adventure.”

And I agree, why not indeed.

Available now in Paperback: $10.50

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